Peruvian Pink Opal Pearls Vintage Agate Blush Pink Brown Stalactite Slice Pendant Layering Necklace – Angela III Necklace


There is nothing more surprising and odd than seeing stalactites and stalagmites growing deep within damp, dark caves. These fingerlike projections belie the beauty that grows within. In this case, one of the fingerlike projections was sliced into thin sections, revealing the gorgeous brown surrounding soft blush pink “eyes”. Once the slices have been made, they are polished, then electroplated in 24k gold to create pendants. Hand linked blush pink Peruvian opal has been intersected with vintage agate beads and copper coin pearls stationed along the chain to repeat the beautiful colors of the stalactite. This long and luxurious layering necklace is substantial enough to stand alone as a statement or could be used with other necklaces in your jewelry armoire.

33 inches long / 5 inch drop / pendant 2.5 inches high X 1.41 inches wide.

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