Sailors Valentine Necklace Green Fluorite Prasiolite – Genovesa Sailors Valentine Necklace


As the story goes. . .Sailor’s Valentines originated as a way for sailors to not only express their love for wives and family, but to also wile away the endless days at sea. Fashioned from varieties of colorful shells found during their travels, these beautiful mosaics were originally housed in wooden boxes and covered in glass. I first became aware of these highly collectible works of art early during our 10 year sojourns to Nantucket for the summer. A steady hand and an abundance of patience are necessary to make these miniature versions of Sailors Valentine encased in vintage pocket watch cases!

An exquisitely detailed scrimshaw depicting an alluring mermaid encircled by a garland of flowers, is the focal point of this unique antique pocket watch Sailor’s Valentine. The featured scrimshaw is encircled by a painstaking arrangement of the most miniature shells in emerald and spearmint greens and white to accentuate the details of the scrimshaw. A generous hand-linked chain of spearmint-green fluorite and dusty green faceted prasiolite nuggets with hand-coiled loops, then combined with – acknowledging the bounty of the sea – creamy freshwater pearl buttons.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind design that will amaze your friends!

27.5 inches long with 3.5 inch pendant drop X 1.69 inches diameter.

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