Mystic Garnet Keshi Pearls Cranberry Glass Chatelaine Scent Bottle Necklace – Alora Necklace


The history of perfume during the Regency and Victorian Eras is a fascinating subject and this delicate necklace pays homage to the creativity and workmanship of that time.

Intriguing and diminutive mystic garnets have been hand-linked to form a delicate chain, intercepted with aternating fiigree vermeil beads and organic keshi pearls. This sweet necklace culminates with a stunning filigree encased cranberry glass chatelaine scent bottle (circa 1890) – replete with the original finger ring. A collection of amulets, including a tiny Fleur de Lis and filigree heart, hang suspended from the finger ring.

Although the original little glass stopper is missing (as is often the case) – the fact that this charming and fragile étuis has survived the years in such good condition is truly remarkable. What a charming love token this necklace would make for your Valentine.

27.5 inches long / 4.15 inches drop / pendant 3.5 inches high X 1.49 inches diameter.

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