Citrine Nuggets Apatite Cartouche Chatelaine Scent Bottle Necklace – Rosalie Necklace


The history of perfume during the Regency and Victorian Eras is a fascinating subject and this delicate necklace pays homage to the creativity and workmanship of that time.

A Victorian teal scent bottle (c. 1900) encased with gilt ormolu is the focal point of this remarkable necklace and has set the preference for the color-way. Sparkling faceted citrine nuggets, ranging in shades of dark and light, repeat the elegant gold persona of the romantic gilded cartouche encasement. Rich gold citrine nuggets have been intercepted with stations of jewel-toned teal apatite and freshwater pearls which repeat the magnificent coloring of the glass found in the Victorian chatelaine scent bottle. Remarkably, the glass stopper is still intact and hidden away just underneath the hinged cap. The original finger ring has been adorned with a grouping of amulets which include Fleur de Lis and Napoleonic Bee charms. The pendant scent bottle can be easily removed from the necklace to allow for versatility with the design. The fact that this charming and fragile étuis has survived the years in such good condition is truly remarkable.

26.5 inches long / Pendant Bottle 1.91 X 2.73 inches / Drop 4.75 inches high.

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