18K Gold Lucy Fob Necklace Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Amethyst Mystic Moonstone – Lucy Necklace

A delicate strand of hand-linked amethyst rondelles has been asymmetrically intercepted with a frill of Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and mystic moonstone. A unique openwork gold vermeil bead has been flanked with these same sweet turquoise rondelles to add symmetry to this design. The focal point of the necklace is the charming 18k gold fruit basket fob, accented with both amethyst and turquoise as part of the design, and crowned with a creamy lavender pearl and another turquoise/mystic moonstone frill. A peep under the bottom of the basket reveals the sweet hidden surprise – “Lucy” has been engraved into the amethyst panel. This cherished heirloom fob is most likely from the Georgian period and appears in excellent condition – almost as though it was never used.

24 inches long / 2.5 inches drop / fob – .64 X .90 inches.