Rose Quartz Druzy Slice Green Tourmaline Crystal Necklace – Langley Necklace

Geodes are one of Nature’s little oddities that begin as an ordinary looking rock, but behold an amazing secret. The insides of these simple looking rocks are actually hollow and lined on the inside with all different types of crystals. Such was the case when this geode was found. Once carefully cleaved open, it revealed a spectacular display of pale pinkish agate crystals and a very important addition – a green tourmaline crystal. At this point, the cutters must decided the most advantageous way of displaying the stones and this particular one was designated to become a sliced geode, rimmed with pale pink crystals and the piece de resistance – a single green tourmaline crystal. Because of it’s fragility, the tourmaline crustal was reinforced with gold electroplating in addition to the entire gold edging of the slice.

This unique druzy encrusted geode slice has been married to a delicate hand-linked necklace of pale ballet pink rondelles as a compliment to the soft pink crystalline interior edges. Because of the unique one-of-a-kind nature of the geode slice, this necklace will certainly be noticed and admired, followed by a round of compliments. A perfect example of how man has enhanced the raw and craggy beauty of Mother Nature extracted from the earth’s bounty.

20 inches long / 1.5 inch drop / pendant 1.09 inches diameter.