Pink Shell Cherub Angel Necklace – Amorette Necklace


I have always been a fan of soft blush pink and recently have also become intrigued by little hand carved cherubin. Since so many of the heirloom cherubs fall into a category that has been banned for sale, my attention has been drawn to the pale beauty of blush pink cherubs. Historically, these have been carved from either angel skin coral or pink shell. A recent conversation with a relative of a well known Italian family, celebrated for their iconic carved cameos, resulted in the opportunity to have a wonderful cherub carved to my specifications – creating a pastiche of a bygone era.

A magnificent winged cherub, hand carved in Italy by a master carver, is the outcome of this fledgling relationship – serendipity in it’s most stunning form. The legacy of years of painstaking workmanship and attention to detail of this carving is clearly evident in the beautiful angelic face and minutely detailed feathering of the wings. This cherub has been styled to faithfully replicate Victorian cherubs that were cherished for decades – even including the three little shell briolettes that gently sway beneath the wings.

A hand-linked chain of faceted pink shell quatrefoil beads is the perfect marriage to compliment the distinguished craftsmanship of the gorgeous and ethereal cherub. A lovely oval embossed gold vermeil toggle clasp continues the theme of this classic future heirloom.

Designed to be worn nestled just below the collarbone, this necklace can be easily altered to fit your requirements.

18.5 inches long / pendant 2.5 inches wide X 2.75 inches tall (including briolette beads).

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