Peruvian Pink Opal Aqua Chalcedony Micro Mosaic Necklace – Floriana Necklace


Delicate blush pink beads of pink Peruvian opal set a sweet and elegant mood when paired with stations of powdery aqua chalcedony, flanked by diminutive button pearls. A beautiful Victorian era micro mosaic pendant in matching pinks and aqua, emulates the painstaking and diminishing art that was once so popular during the Grand Tour Era. This charming and special micro mosaic pendant is accentuated wth a dangling teardrop, suspended by chain. This well preserved work of art is an indiction of a special piece that was loved and cherished and probably invoked wonderful memories of a special time in a young woman’s life.

26.25 inches long / pendant – .94 inches diameter X 2.25 inches long.

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