Luxe Tourmilated Quartz Polki Diamond Clasp Matinee Necklace – Tessa Necklace


Certainly, tourmilated quartz is considered one of nature’s oddities. Essentially, it is crystal quartz crystals embedded with black tourmaline “needles”. Many times the needles are extremely fine and densely packed – to the point it almost creates a grayed effect in the clear quartz or the quartz is milky.

Scarcely do we find tourmilated quartz quality such as these beads – large and luxurious (12.2mm – 17.4mm), crystal clear with distinctive pronounced black needles that allow the clarity of the clear quartz to sparkle. Every precaution was taken during the selection and cutting process to preserve the clarity of the stones while simultaneously featuring these curious black needles. Each of these graduated rondelles has been micro-faceted to add sparkle to the mesmerizing end result. This grand matinee length necklace has been finished with a trending rhodium silver Polki diamond clasp to continue the sparkling clear with black color scheme.

This stunning suite of tourmilated quartz is certain to become a favorite and would be gorgeous worn year round for both daytime and formal occasions. The perfect selection for a fashion connoisseur of unique specimen gemstones.

22.5 inches long X .68 inches diameter (center stone)

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