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Petite Fairy Stone Cross Necklace -Staurolite Crystal and Aquamarine Nugget
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Petite Fairy Stone Cross Necklace -Staurolite Crystal and Aquamarine Nugget
It is interesting to me that many times parts of our lives come around full circle – as if it is fate, karma or a divine plan. When I was newly married and a young mother, I was also a college student. My first husband was a Geology student and was the student curator for the Geology Department. The bookcases in our apartment were filled with beautiful rock specimens that he collected on various field trips. Although I was very appreciative of their beauty, I scarcely had the luxury of time to allow myself to become engaged in my fascination of these specimens. No indeed – there was studying to be done (18-21 credit hours hrs. / Semester), diapers to be changed, washed and hung out on a line to dry (we did not have enough $$ to purchase the dryer as well) and a part time job typing thesis papers (in the Geology Department - no less)! Fast forward 35 years and now I have the luxury of time to give in to my fascination with Geology and gemstones. Who knew! Last fall, I made it a point to visit one of my favorite gemstone vendors who specialize in some of the more unique naturally occurring stones that are then made up into earthy and organic pendants. I came across a naturally occurring pendant commonly called “Crosses of Stone”, “Fairy Stone Crosses” or the geological name - Staurolite Crystals. Staurolite Crystals are a natural rock formation in the shape of a cross and found in Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, New Mexico and Russia. They range in size from 1/8 inch to over 4 inches and are formed in five colors – red, white, black, brown and yellow. Oddly enough, all colors will turn grey when exposed to the elements for a long period of time. They are composed of iron aluminum and silicate. A petite little organic cross pendant, chased in 24k gold is one of those natural wonders from the earth’s bounty. The soft grey-blue drusy background of the pendant collects light and releases a beautiful granular shimmer against this naturally formed dark brown cross. A soft aquamarine nugget is perched atop the dainty cross and accents the soft grey-blue color of the drusy background. 20” long
Reference: 28129

Size: 20” long

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