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Pastiche Necklace - Carved Mother-of-Pearl Pendant with Labradorite and Baroque Pearls
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Pastiche Necklace - Carved Mother-of-Pearl Pendant with Labradorite and Baroque Pearls
As a former interior designer, I have always been enamored with beautiful antique works of art. The quality of workmanship is so superior to what we find today and those little inconsistencies announce to the world that the item was lovingly and proudly hand-crafted. Several months ago, I came across some beautiful antique Mother-of-Pearl game counters and I knew they would make a stunning pendant for a necklace design. The combination of the oval game counter was combined with gray raw diamonds and baroque pearls to create my first design called Le Jeton. I have plans to make up additional designs with some of these unique antique counters. Rather simultaneously, I happened to discover some beautiful carved Mother-of-Pearl pieces and the wheels started turning. These new carved Mother-of -Pearl designs bear a striking resemblance to the antique game counters, but are much more affordable. Since the Le Jeton necklace is truly luxe with it’s antique Mother-of-Pearl pendant, 14K gold frame and raw diamonds - could I create a similar look for a smaller budget?? Eureka - the Pastiche Necklace was born! It is a modified copy of the original necklace with very similar elements - labradorite and baroque pearls with the beautifully carved Mother-of-Pearl pendant. The title “Pastiche” seemed appropriate since it means - a copy consisting wholly or chiefly of motifs or techniques borrowed from one or more sources. This concept of creating a knock-off of my own design is truly a first. However, as I used to say to my interior design clients “Everyone has a budget - some are just more grand than others”. 19” long
Reference: 28128

Size: 19” long

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connie christopher wrote on May 19,2011
Hi Karen! I keep up with what you're up to and this is a home run. I think those Chinese game counters are so special and beautiful and mysterious but you get the idea with these less expensive versions. I didn't realize you were an interior designer until very recently. And then to find you read Cote d' Texas was another surprise. My sister in law is Renea Abbott who's mentioned in Cote, and well lots of places, she's nationally got a large list of great clients and does outstanding work. Her personal homes as well have been featured in Architectual Digest and others. After seeing bit of your own remodel I think you two are on a similar page.

I have a proposal for you and hadn't intended to go on so long on this little comment box so I'll email you tomorrow and see if you might be interested. It's to do with the jewelry btw.



URL: http://conniechristopher@att.net

Ginger Weiksnar wrote on April 19,2011
URL: http://gweiksnar@mac.com