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Campania Necklace (Grand Tour Collection) - Hessonite Garnet Nuggets, Kyanite, Freshwater Pearls and Copper Rutilated Quartz with Italian Glass Intaglio Fob
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Additional Views

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Beautiful Rich Autumn Colors - Notice The Generous Kyanite Wrapped Briolette Charm and Byzantine Gold Cross Flanking the Gorgeous Blue Italian Intaglio Fob With It's Birdcage Shank/Bale Design

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In This View, You Can See The Roman Mythological Figure Holding a Lyre With Cupid in The Lower Right

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Campania Necklace (Grand Tour Collection) - Hessonite Garnet Nuggets, Kyanite, Freshwater Pearls and Copper Rutilated Quartz with Italian Glass Intaglio Fob
I first came across intaglios (pronounced: in-tal-yos) while vacationing in Europe one summer. I was immediately entranced but the chalky white plaster images of classical mythological stories. Although I could not convince my hubby to let me purchase some reproductions to bring back (he is always the practical one - “they will be broken before we get home!”) - over the years my fascination remained and I finally scored a set of antique plaster intaglios during an antiquing trip to Maine. Plaster intaglios were marketed in Italy during the 18th and 19th centuries as souvenirs for wealthy American and English tourist as keepsakes of their European Grand Tour holidays. The small plaster medallions were mounted into books and each medallion was documented with beautiful handwritten notations. Since I have always been enamored with intaglios, it will come as no surprise that I also love intaglio fobs. Fobs were worn as little charms when men wore pocket watches and were also frequently used to individualize wax seals on letters and documents. Although many antique fobs are made of carved stone, glass intaglios were also a very popular item. The subject of the intaglio carvings included monograms, family crests, little verses, animals, flowers and mythological images. The rich root beer color of hessonite garnet nuggets is further enhanced with the addition of intriguing copper rutilated quartz rondelles and the intense blue of kyanite rondelles and dyed freshwater pearls creating a hand-linked chain. This unique combination of colors was chosen to support the lovely blue Italian glass intaglio fob which depicts a handsome mythological image and is the focal point of the necklace. A generous kyanite briolette and a small Byzantine vermeil cross add to the sophisticated subject and coloring of this design. The necklace was photographed against a suede skirt to illustrate the beauty and richness of this unexpected color combination when paired with this Fall’s hot luxury color - camel! 31” long with a 1.75” drop
Reference: 24797

Size: 31” long with a 1.75” drop

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